Anonyma’s mission is to bring one-of-a-kind paintings, drawings, and sculptures to Oklahoma City residents who want to view and purchase art in-person, but who are looking for work from the 20th century or earlier.  Anonyma Fine Art is a reaction in part to the proliferation of mass-produced “artwork” for the home, which doesn’t have the soul of original, unique art.  It is also a reaction to the polished perfection we see on social media; my collection, especially older artwork, may show the evidence of its age.  I believe those imperfections — the patina of a painting created 50, 75, or 100 years ago — only add to its value and to its beauty.  I cannot speak to the provenance of most pieces, or even to the artist behind every piece, but I can attest to the time and care I’ve taken to select artwork that I believe displays genuine talent.  Anonyma Fine Art is for the buyer who seeks work that speaks to them on a deep level, not art as an investment vehicle.

     Many of the pieces I’ve collected draw on the abstract expressionism of the mid-20th century; I’m particularly drawn to artwork with restrained palettes and simple composition, especially those that aren’t overwrought or which have one feature that’s slightly “off” - creating tension and interest in the piece.  Portraiture and figural work is another love of mine, and I have drawings and paintings in many styles and price ranges.  

     Additional work can be seen by appointment here in Oklahoma City, and I am happy to try to source pieces with a particular style, subject matter or age.


Emily Ladow Reynolds is the owner and curator behind Anonyma. A native of the Boston area, she married an Okie and moved to OKC in 2009. Emily has always created in one way or another. She considered applying to art school after getting her undergraduate degree in French language and literature, but ended up with a more sensible M.S. in Nutrition and Agricultural Policy. After collecting anonymous and outsider art for more than a decade, Emily decided to share her passion for rescuing great art from oblivion. She believes that we all deserve to own unique artwork that moves us.